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My Adventure in New Zealand
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Hey there,
My name is Yannic, I stayed in New Zeland, New Plymouth for nearly six months. I’m so glad that my parents made it possible for me to come her with just 14 years old in 2016. My decision to come to New Zealand I made in January but at this stage it was just planned for 6 weeks in July and August. Later on my parents and I decided to let me stay one whole term, I was so happy because I thought three months is a really long time (but it isn’t , the time was running). And now I stayed with my amazing host family over 2 terms, my time in those 6 months was amazing thanks for everybody who was part of it. After travelling from Germany (Stuttgart) to Auckland I stayed one week in Auckland over my organisation, that was great we got to know some special kiwi words and visited heaps of stuff. Then finally I met my host parents in just an hour flight, that’s what I thought… but it wasn’t that easy… my flight got cancelled and I had to jump into a bus for nearly 6 hours till I saw them. But then at 7pm I finally saw Terry and Tanya the first time. Those two people are just awesome. It feels like Terry knows everybody, he is involved in Rugby, works for Sports Taranaki and works at Sport Taranaki (he can organise you everything if it’s allowed). Tanya such a good mom she is there for you tells you off a couple of times but always wants just the best for you.!. After just my first week I got known some kiwi kids from my classes or from the school team I joined in. After another week I already had a couple of friends and I also joined the Moturoa Football Club where my friends dad was our coach. All teams I helped out in football were very glad that me and sometimes another German boy Moritz were there, In the following weeks I had my first surfing lesson with Daisy Day (I loved it), went on the Mt. Taranaki Snowboard competition and at least also got known a couple of students from other schools. Another thing I did was buy myself a Fishboard (Surfboard) and went surfing on my own or with some mates. A couple of weeks before my time would end because Term 3 was nearly finishing I got my dad to give me his permission to stay till the end of the year. In the holidays between Term 3 and 4 I made an awesome trip to Bay of Islands with Kiwiana Tours. The rest of the 2 weeks I hung out with friends and went surfing. In Term 4 I started to go to the gym(with Ek 3 times a week) and playing Netball (every Sunday) in a social team because the football season ended. I also went to the Mt. Ruapehu Snowboard Competition and got 17th out of 100 in Slalom. And now I’m heading into my last month … I still have so many plans left what 1 want to do I just can try to get all those things done.
Now you now my story I think it’s time to write your own… Yannic






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Hi everyone!
My name is Clara Driehsen and I’m 16 years old and l’m from Marburg, it is a town in Germany, which is about as big as New Plymouth.
I’ve been here for 3 months. And it was definitely not long enough. I can’t realize that my time here in this beautiful country I almost over, the time goes by so quickly! I had the best time here and I’m really sad that I have to leave so soon. I’ve seen much in New Plymouth, there are so many things to explore in this beautiful town!
The day, I arrived in new Plymouth, I was very nervous and excited to meet my host family and to go to school for the first time in a different country than Germany. I was a little bit worried of not finding any friends and of being lost at school. But it was completely different than I expected. Everyone was really nice and friendly and so helpful that I felt welcome immediately. It was so exciting to take all those different subjects, I don’t have at home. My favourite subject was technology wood because I made a skim board, it was so much fun to make the design and then saw it. I made many exciting new experiences and had a lot of fun with my friends and my host family.
It’s very important to go out of the yellow room to meet some kiwis and that you’re open to the students and all those new experiences you’ll make. Because out of the yellow room, is where your New Zealand life begins! It takes a lot of courage to start a conversation with other students in a foreign language, but you will recognize that your English will improve by the time and you will have good fun with your new friends. You’ll become closer and closer with your friends and you enjoy the time, you spend together.
I’m really grateful about everyone, who made my time the best and always supported me. It is very sad to leave my friends behind, after this amazing time!
When you’re reading this, your exciting time in New Zealand is about to start! You’re probably very excited and just want your adventure to begin!
I hope you’ll have an amazing time and make the best out of it! If you have any questions
just text me and try to answer all your questions:
See ya! Clara


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Hey guys! My name is Fernanda. I’m 16 years old and I’m from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I came to New Zealand on January the 22ND 2016 and I’m now 10 days from leaving this amazing city.
Since the day my parents talked to me about an exchange programme I started to wonder how this experience would be, and I couldn’t picture anything. Living in a different country, outside of my comfort zone, without knowing anyone, with a different language and new habits sounded insane.
To be honest I wasn’t really excited about leaving Brazil. I knew it would be hard, but as I started to look at the opportunities I would have I felt something different, a feeling I imagine only exchange students will ever feel. A mixture of anxiety, sadness, happiness, stress, flutters all at once.
The reason why I choose New Zealand was that I was looking for something unique, and I couldn’t imagine anywhere else besides New Zealand, especially Taranaki, to be that place.
From the day I got here, I couldn’t believe how beautiful the country is, how charming and sympathetic people are.
I could try to explain how it was to experience New Zealand, but as you can imagine it’s impossible to put into words the dream I’ve been living.
The first month and a half was really hard. Everything was different; the food, my house, the city itself, the language and for a couple of days I believed it was never going to get better. The days felt longer and I felt exhausted.
As the weeks went by, I made friends, the language became easy, and where I live now felt like home. Adventures, stories, moments, every day started to have a huge impact on my life and changed me in so many aspects. I’ve grown so much, I feel more responsible and independent. The six months I’ve been here are unforgettable and the thing I most want right now is for it to never end.
If you’ve just arrived my advice is give it a go, don’t be shy, try new things, do as much as you can. Time flies and when you stop and think about it you’ll see how fast it goes. Hope all of you can enjoy New Zealand as much as have.
Hopefully see ya soon,


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Hey everybody,
my name is Fridolin and lam 15 years old. I was born in Austria, but I have been living in a small town in Germany for six years. About 1.5 years ago, I decided I want to go on an exchange to a foreign country. I chose to come to New Zealand because I thought it is the most interesting and beautiful country my agency offered, and I can say, it was the best decision I have ever made.
I basically wanted to go on an exchange to improve my English. But when I arrived in New Zealand, I realized that it is so much more than just learning a language! It is actually a completely new life. You live in a house with people you meet for the first time in your life and treat them as it was your family and attend a school at which you don’t know anyone. But the lovely thing is, they welcome you to their house and also treat you like you were their family. And at school, you meet friends and after a few weeks you hang out with people that live 18’000km away from your home country and who you haven’t even known a month ago, but they are your friends now.
I had an amazing time with my new national and also international friends and my host family. I went to Mt Taranaki on a skiing competition with the schools’ ski and snowboard Team, I saw the highest waterfall on the North Island (Mt Damper Falls) and I am going to go on a hopefully amazing South Island Tour in December. But all these adventures wouldn’t have been amazing without you guys – my family and friends.
Everybody at Spotswood College and New Plymouth was friendly and helpful when I got lost or needed help. It is just such an amazing school with such amazing people and I am so happy that I chose to come to Spotswood. It is really relaxed compared to schools in Germany, the teachers are really friendly and support you and I think I have learned a lot!
I arrived in July thinking half a year is an amazingly long time, which it actually is, but it flies so fast! It is already middle of November and I know I am going to have to leave soon. But I had an amazing time and tried to make the best out of it. I want to thank everybody who made my stay at Spotswood College such a wonderful experience! I will miss you and I will never forget you, you guys are just amazing! Thank you!

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