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Whanau Hui meetings are happening every month, so please look out for the next one..

“Come along and enjoy kai with us”

Parent and Whanau Involvement

The need for increased whanau involvement is a reoccurring theme. We’ve learn’t that involvement has several meanings, from support at home to engaging with teachers, to participating in school events and activities, there are many ways whanau can be involved in their children’s education.

Fran Hjalmarson, author of  “Dif-fer-en-ti-ated Parent Support: Engaging Parents in Unique Ways to Increase Their Involvement in School”, listed the following areas that parents should get involved with their child’s education.

Parent/Whanau Support

* Conversations about school

* Set reasonable expectations

* Establish routines

* Support homework

* Time limits on Devices, TV and videos

* Attendance

Parent/Whanau Engagement

* Establish Relationship

* Communicate with school

* Model behavior that matches school rules

* Model value of education and work

* Support college readiness

Parent/Whanau Participation

* Attend school events

* Volunteer at school

* Participate in school committees

* Help with school decisions

* Participate in community activities





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