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December 2017 Newsletter

In this issue:  Principal News, College Calender, Prefects 2018, Maori Graduation 2017, Mansfield Trip, Learning Support Faculty News, Year 10 Japanese Tea House Visit, Senior Academic Prizegiving, Technology Department News and Spotlight on News.

Please click on the link below to open the Newsletter:

December 2017 Newsletter


Exclusive:  Junior school competition: (years 9 and 10)

Two weeks – Monday 6th November to Friday 17th November

and explicitly: During Junior whanau class times, (Tuesday 7th and Thursday 9th November)

Imagine being able to re-design our school

  • What would you want to do?
  • What would the school look like?
    • Outside
      • Gardens, chill out areas, seating, shade, rain cover, meeting places, car parking, bike storage, etc.
  • Inside
    • Classrooms, bathrooms, storage, seating, work areas, corridors, IT etc..

*Separate cash prizes of $50 available for each category at each year level*

Choose a category to enter;

  1. Piece of creative writing
  2. Artistic design sketch
  3. Digital (includes Minecraft model, Tinkercad or any other software design tool)
  • Hand your completed design ideas and creative writing in to your whanau teacher or the main office.
  • Or any Digital entries directly to Mr Lapworth (Technology)

Winners to be decided by the competition judges. (PCA, LUP and CLA).

All decisions are final.



Week 0 – 29 January Office open


5          Years 9 and 13 attend school

6          Waitangi Day – no school

7          Years 11 and 12 attend school (including Year 9 and 13)

8          All year levels attend school

Monday 5 February – Friday 13 April 90 half days                (10 weeks)

Waitangi Day Monday 5 February
Anniversary Day Monday 12 March
Good Friday Friday 30 March
Easter Monday Monday 2 April
Easter Tuesday Tuesday 3 April
ANZAC Day Wednesday 25 April (falls in term vacation)

Monday 30 April – Friday 6 July 98 half days                         (10 weeks)

Queen’s Birthday Monday 4 June


Monday 23 July – Friday 28 September 100 half days          (10 weeks)


Monday 15 October – Tuesday 18 December 92 half days      (9 weeks)

Labour Day Monday 22 October


Cyber Bullying and the Law – Do you Know??

Under the new law (Harmful Digital Communications Act) it’s an offence to send messages and post material that deliberately causes serious emotional distress.
It’s also an offence to incite someone to commit suicide – this carries a maximum jail term of three years.

So below is a list that a digital communication ( eg. Txt message, Facebook, Messenger, Viber, Snapchat, Instagram, email, etc…)
should NOT have in it:

1) any sensitive or personal facts.

2) information which is considered in breach of a persons confidence.

3) be grossly offensive.

4) be threatening, intimidating or menacing.

5) be used to harass.

6) be used to make false allegations.

7) be indecent and have obscene words or images

8) be used to incite or encourage others to,

  1. a) Cyberbully,
  2. b) Abuse others (race, gender, religion, disability),
  3. c) Commit suicide or other physical harm to themselves or others.

**REMEMBER – Whatever you post on the internet will remain available for others (inc employers) to find and scrutinise indefinitely.**

August 2017 Newsletter

In this issue:  Principal Notes, College Calender, Technology News, Youth Commonwealth Games, International News and Vocational Pathway News.

Please click on the link below to access the Newsletter.

August 2017 Newsletter

School Vision Survey-Term 3

Kia ora whanau

We would very much appreciate your responses to our quick school vision survey.

Thank-you very much in advance

please click on the link below to start the anonymous survey…

School Vision Survey


July 2017 Newsletter

In this issue: Principal Notes, College Calender, Junior Oratory Results, Technology Department News, Winter Gala, NZ Senior Men’s Roller Hockey, Vocational Pathways – Te Waka Huarahi

Please click on the link below to access the Newsletter:

July 2017 Newsletter



1st                   Ethan Griffiths

2nd                   Jack Cochran

3rd                   Phoebe Pepper

Highly Commended                      Chris Hobson

Highly Commended                      Tenaya Richardson

Highly Commended                      Liam Nicholas



1st                   Katie Pullen

2nd                   Sarai Smith

3rd Equal       Caitlin Brown

                       Nadia Hill


1st                   Gemma Clarges

2nd                   Karoline Johl

3rd                   Tanwen Edwards



1st                   Valya Bykova

2nd                   Jess Waiariki

June 2017 Newsletter

In this issue:  Principal Notes, College Calender, Year 9 and 10 E TŪ, Noumea study scholarship, Sport, Star News, Vocational Pathway News.

Please click on the link below to access the Newsletter:

June 2017 Newsletter


A campaign targeting drivers who flout the rules when passing stationery school buses is currently underway in Taranaki.

The initiative is the next phase of the “What Are You Missing” road safety strategy which was been on-going since 2014.

The speed limit for safely passing a school bus, in either direction, stopped to let children on or off, is 20kmh.

Drivers could be fined $150 for exceeding 20kmh past a stationery school bus, with the fine increasing to $360 for travelling at 50kmh above the limit and 50 demerit points while drivers who speed at more than 50kmh would automatically have their licence suspended for 28 days and would be summoned to appear in court.

There have been several accidents outside the College this year that could have been avoided had drivers observed the road rules.

Your assistance in observing the 20kmh sped limit would be greatly appreciated.

Phil Gayton
Health & Safety committee