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School Vision Survey-Term 3

Kia ora whanau

We would very much appreciate your responses to our quick school vision survey.

Thank-you very much in advance

please click on the link below to start the anonymous survey…

School Vision Survey


3D Printing Photo’s from Open Evening

IMG_4576 IMG_4577

Both of these items were printed out during the Open Evening on our new Fuji-Xerox powder printer..

It prints in colour as well, as you can see on the figure print.

Robotic hand – Max Campbell (WITT)

Posed figure – Elijah-Blue Simonson (Year 13)

Please contact us if you would like to know more….

Caregivers news – South Road Upgrade



On 9th October, 2015 we advised that the NPDC were undertaking a major re-development of South Road from Belair Avenue through to Manadon Street with the main aim being to install a cycle lane on the seaward side of South Road. Taranaki Civil Construction Ltd were contracted to undertake this work and it was completed during January.

The major changes are:
1. The footpath on the mountain side of the road in front of the College was moved by approximately half a meter towards the school so as to provide a safer area for buses to park in. Drivers passing a stationary bus will now have a clearer view of the pedestrian crossing.
2. A new bus bay area was established on the seaward side of South road near the corners of South and Pioneer roads.
3. Traffic islands were installed at the corners of South and Pioneer roads and South and Ngamotu roads.
4. The new Cycle lane has been marked out on the seaward side of South road.

1. Please note that there are now yellow lines along the complete distance from Ngamotu Road through to Belair Avenue on the seaward side which means that parking in that area is now prohibited at all times.
2.This also means that you will not be able to drop students off along this stretch or road. The best drop off point now is in Pioneer road. Students can then walk to the pedestrian crossing and cross safely there. The Police have advised that they will be monitoring this area.
3. A reminder that the legal speed limit when passing a stationary bus that is dropping off or picking up children is 20kph in both directions.

Thank you for working with us to ensure the safety of our students.

Mark Bowden – Principal
Phil Gayton- Chairman Health & Safety committee