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Head Lice Information


There appears to be an ongoing problem of head lice in our community – not just at school but in the wider community.  Please check your son/s – daughter/s hair as we have had a courtesy phone call regarding head lice from a concerned parent.

To make a concentrated effort to remove head lice from your home some points to note from the Public Health nurse are:-

  1. Not EVERYONE in the house needs treating.  EVERYONE needs to have their hair CHECKED, but they only need TREATING if they have VISIBLE lice or eggs.
  2. All bedding needs to be changed and washed at the same time as the treatment is done.
  3. The process needs to be repeated in seven days time.
  4. Everyone needs to comb their hair two or three times a day and it is a good idea to get your son/s or daughter/s in the habit of giving their hair a good brush every night (using their own brush) as this can prevent headlice by disabling eggs. Long hair tied back also helps prevent catching lice.
  5. Encourage the parents of your son/s – daughter/s friends to check that their children do not have headlice.
  6. Product is available from the Public Health Nurse.
  7. Please contact Naomi Brown at:   cellphone:  027 281 6463 or

Email  naomi.brown@tdhb.org.nz