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Cyber Bullying and the Law – Do you Know??

Under the new law (Harmful Digital Communications Act) it’s an offence to send messages and post material that deliberately causes serious emotional distress.
It’s also an offence to incite someone to commit suicide – this carries a maximum jail term of three years.

So below is a list that a digital communication ( eg. Txt message, Facebook, Messenger, Viber, Snapchat, Instagram, email, etc…)
should NOT have in it:

1) any sensitive or personal facts.

2) information which is considered in breach of a persons confidence.

3) be grossly offensive.

4) be threatening, intimidating or menacing.

5) be used to harass.

6) be used to make false allegations.

7) be indecent and have obscene words or images

8) be used to incite or encourage others to,

  1. a) Cyberbully,
  2. b) Abuse others (race, gender, religion, disability),
  3. c) Commit suicide or other physical harm to themselves or others.

**REMEMBER – Whatever you post on the internet will remain available for others (inc employers) to find and scrutinise indefinitely.**