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Ex-Pupil/Staff Database

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In 2008, we established an on-going electronic database for all ex-pupils and ex-staff so that we can keep in contact with as many ex-spotswoodians as possible.

At present we send out newsletters four times per year (at the end of each term) informing ex-spotswoodians of the events and news about the College, and on the successes of ex-spotswoodians. With the 60th Jubilee/Reunion to be held at Easter (10-12 April), 2020, this will be one way in which we can keep you up-to-date as information becomes available.

If you have not as yet registered on our email database we strongly encourage you to do so and to advise as many other ex-Spotswoodians to do the same.

Please use your personal email address, as we often lose track of people when their work/business email address changes.

After you click Register on the bottom of the registration page, you will receive an email from the database to which you respond to.

This is so the database can confirm your email address and also activate your registration.

You will not be registered under this step has been completed.

This also prevents someone else signing you up without your permission.


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