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SPOTSWOOD COLLEGE – Te Kura Tuarua O Ngamotu

Spotswood College opened on February 2nd 1960 with a role of 135 students and Mr A L McPhail (MA) as its first Principal.

The motto was set as ‘High Endeavour’ which the founders of the school would demand the students set for themselves – high standards in all endeavours. This has certainly proved true as Spotswood College has a fine record of achievement in academic, sporting and cultural areas.

The emblem was the Red Lion of Devon County in England from where many of the early settlers came. Spotswood College was to represent the robustness of the future ans the traditions of the past.

The College also began with close links to the neighbouring Rangiatea Methodist Maori Girls’ Hostel (now Te Pihipihinga Kakano Mai i Rangiatea). The girls from the hostel attended Spotswood College.

The name Spotswood College reflects the suburb in which the College is situated and commemorates the Spotswood family, Louisa Jane Spotswood married to Richard John Seddon, Prime Minister from 1893-1906.

Spotswood College has undergone many changes – from a very large campus of two schools, East and West, to the 800 + students it is today. We have also seen changes in personnel, uniform and buildings. Spotswood College remains proud of its fine record and looks to the future with enthusiasm, knowing that we can provide quality co-education for the young men and women of New Plymouth.

Our second name comes from our Whakapapa and recognises our dual heritage.




Ko Tokomaru to Waka Our canoe is Tokomaru
Ko Taranaki te Maunga Our mountain is Taranaki
Ko Herekawe to Awa Herekawe is the river
Ko Atiawa to Iwi Atiawa is our Iwi
Ko Ngati Te Whiti to Hapu Ngati Te Whiti is our Hapu
Ko Te Kura Tuarua O Ngamotu Te Kura Te Kura Tuarua O Ngamotu is our School

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