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Academic Achievement


Year 11 First in Subject

Andrews, Kanaan, Horticulture;
Baiteke, Niuea, Equal English 102, Te Reo Māori;
Bell, Jackson, Mathematics 102;
Boshier, Janelle, Senior E Workskills;
Clothier, Kohana, Japanese;
Crawshaw, Ned, Technology Metalwork;
Crookbain, Rohan, Equal Mathematics Level 2;
Dalgleish, Esmeralda, Equal Art, Art Top Folio;
Doole, Oliver, Music;
Doron, Ido, Geography, Equal History, Psychology;
Gallagher, Jazz, Drama;
Glennie, Grace, Equal Spanish;
Hill, Sophie, Equal History;
Hislop, Kobi, Food & Nutrition, Equal Physical Education;
Imhasly, Yulan, Equal Accounting, Equal Economics, Equal Mathematics Level 2, Technology Textiles;
Law, Emily, Equal Accounting, English, Equal History, Equal Mathematics;
Manktelow, Ben, Equal Digital Technologies and Miles Trophy;
McDonald, Riley, Equal Mathematics;
Moffitt, Cara, Equal Economics, Equal Spanish;
Ngaia, Lavontae, Workforce Skills;
Preston, Kadeejah, Mathematics 103;
Radonich, Kaedyn, Technology Woodwork;
Ratapu-Kahui, Chalice, Equal English 102, Equal Physical Education, Science 102;
Skinner, Sam, Design & Visual Communication, Electronics, French, Equal Mathematics Level 2, Science;
Snelgrove, Mitch, Equal English 102;
Spence, Samantha, Equal Horticulture;
Tanner, Jemma, Equal Art, Equal Art Photography Level 2;
Watson, Flynn, Senior E Household Living Skills;

Year 11 Scholar Awards

Crookbain, Rohan, 7th Place Overall;
Moffitt, Cara, 6th Place Overall;
Doron, Ido, 5th Place Overall;
Glennie, Grace, 4th Place Overall;
Skinner, Sam, 3rd Place Overall;
Law, Emily, 1st Equal Overall Top Scholar;
Imhasly, Yulan, 1st Equal Overall Top Scholar;

Year 11 Special Subject Awards (or equivalent)

Crawshaw, Ned, The Scott Commercial Workshop Technology Cup;
Hislop, Kobi, Food & Nutrition Cup;
Law, Emily, The Margaret Hurley English Prize;
Manktelow, Ben, The Miles Trophy Digital Technologies Joint;
Skinner Sam, Joint Winner M J Hickey Cup French, The Messenger Cup Level 2 Mathematics, & The Patricia Doyle Cup Level 1 Science;

Year 12 First in Subject

Allen, Katy, Equal Art Design, Spanish;
Astwood, Callum, Digital Technologies;
Bennett, Leo, History;
Chylek-Peters, Eugenie, Equal Art Design, Equal Art Painting, Equal Art Photography;
Clarges, Gemma, Equal Art Painting;
Clarkson, Pipa, Technology Textiles;
Clough, Ryan, Technology Metalwork;
Cochran, Jack, Technology Woodwork;
Cocker, Luke, Equal Design & Visual Communication;
Conaglen, Layla, English 202;
Crowe, Ellie, Food & Nutrition;
Francis, Tristan, English, Equal French, Equal Mathematics, Music;
Gilmour, Josh, Equal Digital Technologies Level 1, Electronics;
Hermanns, Sapphire, Drama, Equal French;
Joe, Keegan, Chemistry, Physical Education, Physics;
Liumaihetau-Paola, Tempany, Tourism;
Mapley, Braden, Science SL2;
McIntyre, Jamie, Horticulture;
Pearce, kayla, Vocational Pathways;
Pepper, Phoebe, Equal Geography SL2;
Peters, Zeb, Driving for the Workforce;
Scott, Oliver, Equal Design & Visual Communication;
Simons, Alyssa, Hospitality;
Upson, Roan, Accounting, Biology;
Wasim, Taj, Mathematics 202;
Whitehead, Tane, Economics;
Wilkinson, Larissa, Equal Mathematics Statistics – Level 3;
Win, Kelsey, Equal Geography SL2;
Younger, Harry, Equal Geography SL2;

Year 12 Scholar Awards

Wilkinson, Larissa, 7th Place Overall;
Francis, Tristan, 6th Place Overall;
Clarges, Gemma, 5th Place Overall;
Bennett, Leo, 4th Place Overall;
Younger, Harry, 3rd Place Overall;
Upson, Roan, 2nd Place Overall;
Joe, Keegan, 1st Place Top Scholar;

Year 12 Special Subject Awards (or equivalent)

Allen, Katy, Brewster Cup Excellence & Enthusiasm in Spanish;
Astwood, Callum, The Claassens Digital Technologies Trophy;
Cardie, Talia, The Outstanding Gateway Student Trophy;
Clough, Ryan, The Weldwell Trophy Technology Metalwork;
Crowe, Ellie, Food & Nutrition Cup;
Hermanns, Sapphire, Joint Winner M J Hickey Cup French;
Joe, Keegan, Joint Winner AICA NZ AWARD Chemistry;
McIntyre, Jamie, L A Alexander Agricultural Prize Horticulture;
Upson, Roan, Joint Winner AICA NZ AWARD Chemistry;

Year 13 First in Subject

Adams, Keenan, Horticulture;
Avery, Ronan, Calculus;
Bower, Tanesha, Technology Textiles;
Broad, Hannah, Food & Nutrition;
Brown, Paris, Equal Art Painting;
Campbell, Adelaide, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Equal Mathematics Statistics;
Cole, Gaby, Art Photography;
Fitzwilliams, Leila, Tourism, Vocational Pathways;
Goble Courtney, Accounting;
Heather, Dawn, Design & Visual Communication;
Hill, Nadia, Equal Chemistry, Drama, Music, Physical Education;
Huitema, Mark, Technology;
Johnson, Xavier, Electronics;
Johnston, Travis, Senior E Literacy, Physical Education & Health;
Lesniak, Anne, French;
Miles, Dylan, Te Waka Manaaki Workskills;
Moffitt, Alexia, Economics;
Pullen, Katie, English, History, Mathematics, Spanish;
Stening, Ashlan, Art Design, Digital Technologies;
Taiwhati, Tayla, Art Sculpture, Te Reo Māori;
Tarn, Jai, Equal Art Painting, Physics;
Van der Poel, Emma, 3D Modelling and Printing Level 3;
Waarburton, Nadia, Equal Art Painting;

Year 13 Special Subject Awards (or equivalent)

Adams, Keenan, L A Alexander Agricultural Prize Horticulture;
Avery, Ronan, Messenger Cup Calculus;
Broad, Hannah, Food & Nutrition Cup;
Campbell, Adelaide, A & M Hutchinson Tray Biology, The John Doyle Memorial Cup Chemistry;
Cole, Gaby, In Focus Photography Cup, the Photolife Camera Award;
Hill, Nadia, The Phil Gayton Cup Physical Education;
Huitema, Mark, Technology Trophy;
Oaten, Ben, The Beverley McLean Gateway Trophy;
Phillips-Nassif, Mikaela, The Anne Wilson Entrepreneur of the Year Trophy Gateway;
Stening, Ashlan, Webster Trophy Digital Technologies;
Tarn, Jai, NZ Institute of Physics Prize;
Van der Poel, Emma, Baker Trophy in 3D Modelling & Printing;
Vincent, Ryan, The Most Outstanding Gateway Student of the Year Trophy;


Campbell, Adelaide, NGATI  TE  WHITI  HAPU  AWARD;
Mahu, Waimarama, Te Kura Tuarua O Ngāmotu ‘ Tāonga ā Whaitata’;
Knowles, Byron, Tāonga ā Whaitata ‘Tuatahi’ Lead Kāea (Male);
Taiwhati, Tayla, Te Kura Tuarua Ngāmotu ‘Reo Rangitira’ (feathered Taiāha);

Performing  Arts Awards

Clarke, Josh, Joint Winner New Plymouth Little Theatre Trophy Best Stage Performance;
Fenwich, Sian, Joint Winner New Plymouth Little Theatre Trophy Best Stage Performance;
Rattenbury, Jack, Joint Winner New Plymouth Little Theatre Trophy Best Stage Performance;
Hill, Nadia, Drama & Liz Murray Cup;

Speech Awards

Campbell, Adelaide, Kyle Gilmour Memorial Award for Public Speaking;
Pullen, Katie, First in Senior Speech;
Francis, Tristan, The Michele Fitzpatrick Senior Cup for Excellence in Speech in International Languages;


Adlam, Caleb, Carnachan Trophy Brass Band;
Avery, Ronan, The Ian Gabites Physics Award;
Campbell, Adelaide, The RSA Dr George Thompson Award;
Crawshaw, Ned, The Harry Duynhoven Award;
Doron, Ido, The Paul Emo Memorial Award Music;
Goble, Courtney, Marjan van Paassen Memorial Award;
Grey, Jade, The Peter Jefferies Lyric Writing Award;
Hill, Nadia, Harry M Bacon Memorial Award;
Larsen, Jake, The Senior Bandboosters Award;
Moffitt, Alexia, The Melissa Long Memorial Trophy;
Oates, Catriona, The YMCA Excellence in Youth Leadership Award, The Bruce Walker Trophy for Endeavour and Leadership;
Robbie, Quba, The Joy Rookes Trophy Original Composition;
Taiwhati, Tayla, The Joe Greenwood Memorial Prize for School Service;
Tarn, Jai, The Emily Cannell Memorial Cup;
Walters, Unity, Spotswood College Prefects Award;
Whitehead, Olivia, Howard Music Trophy;

Pullen, Katie, Proxime Accessit Cup 2018;
Campbell, Adelaide, Dux Cup 2018, A L McPhail Dux Medal and Scholarship and Argyle Schoolwear Scholarship Prize;



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