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Academic Achievement


Prestige Sport Awards

Jeffrey David, Trina Cowley Trophy – for Sporting Excellence;

Zittersteijn, Aidan, The Hale Sportsperson of the Year Trophy;

Han, Hikaru, Houghton Libby, Senior Girls’ A Beach Volleyball Team and Joe, Keegan, Naborisi, Meli, Joint Winners of The Nick Banks Trophy – Top College Team Sports Award;


Ashworth, Felix, Drama, Equal History; Bennett, Leo, Equal History, Scholar Award 6th Place; Clarges, Gemma, Equal Art, Equal Art Top Folio, Equal Mathematics Level 2, Equal Science, Scholar Award 3rd Place; Clough, Ryan, Technology Metalwork, Scott Commercial Workshop Technology Cup; Cochran Jack, Equal Technology Woodwork; Cocker, Luke, Design & Visual Communication; Dean, Awhina, Vocational Pathways Car; Dean, Tiva, Technology Textiles, Te Reo Māori; Faga, Neme, Mathematics 103, Equal Technology Woodwork; Francis, Tristan, Equal French, Joint Winner M J HICKEY CUP, Equal Mathematics; Gilmour, Josh, Equal Digital Technologies, Joint Winner MILES TROPHY for DTG, Electronics; Glenny, Isaac, Learning Support Faculty Senior Transition Programme; Green, Jayden, Horticulture 102; Healy, Clinton, Technology Winner of THE VOSS SCHOLARSHIP 2017; Henderson, Maya, English 102; Hermanns, Sapphire, Equal French, Joint Winner M J HICKEY CUP; Hislop, Vana, Equal Art, Equal Art Top Folio; Hobson, Chris, Equal Mathematics, Music; Holmes, Kane, Equal Digital Technologies, Joint Winner MILES TROPHY for DTG; Joe, Keegan, Equal Accounting, Equal Economics, Equal Mathematics Level 2 and THE MESSENGER CUP Level 2 Mathematics, Equal Physical Education, Equal Science, Scholar Award 2nd Place; Jury-Thompson, Joshua, Sowman Centre Learning Support Centre Senior Year 2017; Pepper, Phoebe, English and Winner MARGARET HURLEY PRIZE, Food & Nutrition and Cup, Scholar Award 7th Place; Richardson, Tenaya, Japanese; Scott, Oliver, Equal Art; Tamihana, Andre, Vocational Pathways Workforce Skills; Upson, Roan, Equal Accounting, Geography, Equal Science and Winner of THE PATRICIA DOYLE CUP Level 1 Science; Spanish, Overall Top Scholar Year 11; Walters, Unity, Science 102; Warren, Bethanie, Mathematics Semester Level 1; Wasim, Taj, Mathematics 102; Whitehead, Tane, Equal Economics, Equal Physical Education, Scholar Award 5th Place; Whiteley, Jonathan, Horticulture; Wilkinson, Larissa, Equal Physical Education, Scholar Award 4th Place; Younger, Harry, Equal Mathematics Level 2;


Bower, Tanesha, Technology Textiles, Scholar Award 5th Place; Brophy, Kaya, Equal English 202; Brown, Caitlin, Food & Nutrition and Cup, Equal Art Photography; Campbell, Adelaide, The JOHN DOYLE MEMORIAL CUP Chemistry Level 2, Biology, Economics, Physical Education, Overall Top Scholar Year 12; Cawston-Morman, Scott, Japanese; Cole, Gaby, Equal Art Photography; Edwards, Tanwen, History; Goble, Courtney, Geography, Scholar Award 6th Place; Heather, Dawn, Equal Art Painting, Design & Visual Communication; Hill, Nadia, Chemistry, Music, Physics, Scholar Award 2nd Place; Huitema, Mark, Technology Metalwork and WELDWELL TROPHY; James, Philip, Equal Mathematics; Johnston, Chris, Electronics; Johnston, Travis, Learning Support Faculty Senior Transition Programme; Jury, Daniel, Hospitality, Vocational Pathways and Winner of The OUTSTANDING YEAR 12 GATEWAY STUDENT TROPHY; Lesniak, Anne, French; Martin, Hanna, Mathematics 202; Moffitt, Alex, Equal in Accounting, Scholar Award 7th Place; Naumotu, Siteri, Tourism; Nowell, Ayeisha, Vocational Pathways Skills for Life; Oaten, Ben, Digital Technologies and CLAASSENS TROPHY; Technology Woodwork and TECHNOLOGY TROPHY; Vocational Pathways Driving for the Workforce; Proctor, Kai, Equal English 202; Pullen, Katie, Classical Studies, Drama Level 3, English, Spanish, Scholar Award 3rd Place; Rowe, Molly, Art Design, Equal Art Photography; Smith, Sarai, Drama; Stinson, Lucy, Horticulture and Winner L.A. ALEXANDER AGRICULTURAL PRIZE; Taiwhati, Tayla, Te Reo Māori; Tarn, Jai, Equal Art Painting, Equal Mathematics, Scholar Award 4th Place; Ward, Chloe, Equal Accounting;


Alldridge, Candi, Biology and The A & M HUTCHINSON TRAY, English 302, Equal Mathematics 302; Atkinson, Phillip, Learning Support Faculty Senior Transition Programme; Calder-Blake, Talia, Te Reo Māori; Clarges, Jonno, Equal Art Painting, Geography, History; Clarke, Ethan, French; Conaglen, Reihana, Equal Art Design, Equal Art Photography, Winner The IN FOCUS PHOTOGRAPHY CUP, Equal Art Sculpture;

Court, Azaria, Gateway Winner of THE ANNE WILSON ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR TROPHY; Courtnell, Jake, GATEWAY, The BEVERLEY MCLEAN GATEWAY TROPY; Crawshaw, Ruby, Equal Art Design; Elliot-Bland, Bailey, Equal Digital Technologies, Joint Winner WEBSTER TROPHY; Gilmour, Kurtis, Japanese; Goundar, Rishel, Spanish Joint Winner BREWSTER CUP; Greenaway, Patrick, Equal Art Sculpture; Jameson, Elena, Science Semester Course – Level 2; Johnson, Fabian, Equal Art Sculpture; Lee, Mostyn, Equal Art Photography, Winner of the PHOTOLIFE CAMERA AWARD; Classical Studies; McAlpine, Rhett, Accounting, Chemistry and the AICA NZ AWARD in Chemistry, Economics, Physics and the NZ INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS PRIZE; Spanish and Joint Winner BREWSTER CUP; McCallum-Lind, Jacques, Music; McIntyre, Levi, Physical Education and The PHIL GAYTON CUP; Nuku, Cheyanne, Technology Textiles; Ranford, Jennifer, English; Rangi, Tamara, Tourism; Sanger, Amelia, Food & Nutrition and Cup; Scott, Ben, Calculus Alternative; Smith-Fellows, Dylan, 3D Modelling and Printing Level 3 and THE BAKER TROPHY; Tanner, Blake, Equal Art Design, Equal Art Painting, Design & Visual Communication; Taylor Javaan, Equal Digital Technologies and Joint Winner WEBSTER TROPHY; Thomas, Dani, Equal Mathematics 302; Thompson, Josh, Electronics, Calculus and THE MESSENGER CUP in Calculus, Excellence in Tertiary Studies Calculus; Uphill, Saffron, Vocational Pathways and Winner of THE MOST OUTSTANDING GATEWAY STUDENT OF THE YEAR TROPHY; Weir, Steven, Horticulture and Winner of the L.A. ALEXANDER AGRICULTURAL PRIZE, Technology;




Taiwhati, Tayla, Te Kura Tuarua O Ngāmotu ‘ Tāonga ā Whaitata’;

Anderson, Chief, Tāonga ā Whaitata ‘Tuatahi’ Lead Kāea (Male);

Calder-Blake, Talia, Te Kura Tuarua Ngāmotu ‘Reo Rangitira’ (feathered Taiāha);

Performing  Arts Awards

Uphill, Saffron, Senior Drama & Waitere Family Cup; McCallum-Lind, Jacques, New Plymouth Little Theatre Trophy Best Stage Performance; Curran, Charley, Drama & Liz Murray Cup;

Speech Awards

Tanner, Blake, Kyle Gilmour Memorial Award for Public Speaking; Bykova, Valya, First in Senior Speech; Thompson, Kaleb, The Michele Fitzpatrick Senior Cup for Excellence in Speech in International Languages;


Kaponga, Oceana, PTA Prize Head Girl & BOT Award, Joint Winner of the Bruce Walker Trophy; Tanner, Blake, PTA Prize Head Boy & BOT Award, Joint Winner of the Bruce Walker Trophy; Han, Hikaru, Deputy Head Girl BOT Service Award; Johnson, Fabian, Deputy Head Boy BOT Service Award, The Emily Cannell Memorial Cup; Gilmour, Kurtis, The R.S.A. Dr Geogre Thompson Award, The Paul Emo Memorial Music Award; McAlpine, Rhett, Deputy Head Boy BOT Service Award, Marjan van Paassen Memorial Award; Lee, Mostyn, BOT Student Representative; Clarges, Jonno, Helen J Bacon Award for Excellence in Geography and History, Harry M Bacon Memorial Award Best All round Promise in the Arts; Clough, Ryan, The Harry Duynhoven Award in Technology with Design Visual Communication; Kane, Tamia, Soroptimist International New Plymouth Branch LOIS WILLIAMS EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP; McCallum-Lind, Jacques, The Joy Rookes Trophy for Original Composition; Oaten, Ben, Spotswood College Prefects Award; Price, Cascade, The Joe Greenwood Memorial Prize; Robinson, Laura, Melissa Long Memorial Trophy; Smith, Riley, Howard Music Trophy; Thompson, Josh, The Ian Gabites Physics Trophy; Whitehead, Olivia, The Senior Bandboosters Award; Whiteley, Andrew, The YMCA Excellence in Youth Leadership Award;

Han, Hikaru, Proxime Accessit Cup 2017;

McAlpine, Rhett, Dux Cup 2017, A L McPhail Dux Medal and Scholarship and Argyle Schoolwear Scholarship Prize;



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