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Academic Achievement



Avery, Ronan, Japanese; Barrett, Lachie, Scholar Award; Bower, Tanesha, Equal Science, Technology Textiles, Scholar Award; Broad, Hannah, Science 102; Brown, Caitlin, Food & Nutrition & Cup, Mathematics, Overall Top Scholar Award; Brown, Paris, French; Campbell, Adelaide, Geography, Equal Science, Physical Education, Scholar Award; Donald, Amber, Equal Art; Drummond, Samuel, Technology Woodwork; Fitzwilliams, Leila, Equal Art; Hall Jesse, Vocational Pathways Introduction to Automotive Engineering Semester Course; Hill, Nadia, English & Margaret Hurley Prize, Drama, Music, Equal Science & The Patricia Doyle Cup, Scholar Award; Johnston, Chris, English 102; Lewis Melodie, Vocational Pathways Workforce Skills Semester Course; McKinnon, Kyla, Digital Technologies & Miles Trophy; Moffitt, Alex, Scholar Award; Oaten, Ben, Technology Metalwork; O’Brien, Nico, Technology The Voss Scholarship; Price, Khiarn, Year 11B; Pullen, Katie, Drama Level 2, History, Spanish, Scholar Award; Smith-Hooper, Amelia, Equal Horticulture 102; Stening, Ashlan, Equal Art; Stinson, Lucy, Horticulture; Strachan, Georgia, Accounting; Tarn, Jai, Equal Art, Art Top Folio, Design & Visual Communication; Ward, Chloe, Equal Economics; Wasley, Molleigh, Art Printmaking Level 2; Watchorn, Sarah, Equal Economics; Wilson, Tapene, Mathematics 102;



Alldridge, Candi, Geography, History; Berg, Jamal, Mathematics 202; Brown, Peyton, Equal Tourism; Bryant, Jessica, Equal Tourism; Burkitt, Nicky, Vocational Pathways Skills for Life Semester Course; Conaglen, Reihana, Equal Art Photography Level 3 & In Focus Photography Cup; Elliot-Bland, Bailey, Digital Technologies & Claassens Trophy; Eru-Solomon, Shanice, Art Sculpture; Han, Hikaru, Biology, Japanese, Scholar Award; Hoskin, Anaru, Equal Art, 3D Modelling & Printing; Johnson, Fabian, Scholar Award; Kane, Tamia, Hospitality; Lee, Mostyn, Classics, Art Photography, Scholar Award; Longstaff, Emily-Rose, Vocational Pathways & Gateway Trophy; Matsubara, Kayla, Science SL2 Semester Course; McAlphine, Rhett, Accounting, Chemistry & The John Doyle Memorial Cup, Economics, English, Physics, Spanish, Overall Top Scholar Award; McCallum-Lind, Jacques, Music; Nuku, Cheyanne, Technology Textiles, EqualTourism; Rangi, Tamara, Equal Tourism; Robinson, Laura, French; Scown, Ryana, Equal Horticulture; Smillie, Dominic, Technology Metalwork & Weldwell Trophy, Technology Woodwork & Scott Commercial Workshop Cup; Smith-Fellows, Dylan, Year 12B; Swanson, Rebecca, English 203, Vocational Pathways Driving for the Workforce Semester Course; Tanner, Blake, Equal Art, Art Design, Design & Visual Communication, Scholar Award; Thompson, Josh, Electronics, Mathematics & The Messenger Cup, Scholar Award; Walters, Kellie, Food & Nutrition & Cup; Weir, Steven, Equal Horticulture; Whiteley, Andrew, Equal Mathematics Level 3, Scholar Award; Willis, Sophie, English 202, Physical Education;



Anderson, Michael, Music; Atkinson, Phillip, Year 13B, Equal Horticulture Level 1; Beck, Isaac, Equal Mathematics; Bennett, Montana, Equal English, Classics; Collett, Shaun, Gateway The Beverley McLean Trophy; Edie, Philip, Equal Art Photography & Photolife Camera Award, Biology & A & M Hutchinson Tray; Ellis, Tara, Equal Art Painting; Fox, Robert, Physical Education & The Phil Gayton Cup; Harris, T J, Art Design; Jackson, Bree, Gateway The Anne Wilson Entrepreneur of the Year Trophy; Johns, Liam, Technology & Trophy; Jolly, Shiann, French & M J Hickey Cup, Spanish & Brewster Cup; King, Maeghan, Equal Accounting; Kyffin, Georgia, Equal Mathematics 302; Lord, Shynia, Chemistry & AICA NZ Award; McLeod, Zac, Drama; Moke, Sapphire, Equal Vocational Pathways & Joint Winner Gateway Trophy; O’Donnell-Martin, Baylee, Equal Mathematics; Parker, Campbell, Equal Art Painting; Parsons, Meg, Tourism; Pretty-Stone, Chelsea, Equal Mathematics 302; Rennie, Teina, Teo Reo Māori; Reyes, Reus, Calculus & The Messenger Cup; Equal Mathematics, Physics; Scott, Mat, NZ Institute of Physics Prize, Winner Ian Gabites Physics Trophy; Shortland, Haumoana, Horticulture & L A Alexander Agricultural Prize; Simonson, Elijah-Blue, Equal Accounting, 3D Modelling & Printing & Baker Trophy, Digital Technologies & Webster Trophy; Takamori, Chelsea, Equal Food & Nutrition & Joint Winner Cup; Equal Vocational Pathways and Joint Winner Gateway Trophy; Vickers, Megan, Equal Food & Nutrition & Joint Winner Cup;Wangsuwan, Anya, Equal English, History, Technology Textiles; Williams, Taylah, Geography;



Cultural / Kapa Haka

O’Donnell-Martin, Baylee, Ngati Te Whiti Hapu Award; Rennie, Teina, He Tohu Rangatiratanga, Kapa Haka – Te Kura Tuarua Ngāmotu ‘Reo Rangitira’ (feathered Taiāha); Taiwhati Tayla, Kapa Haka – Te Kura Tuarua O Ngāmotu ‘Tāonga ā Whaitata’;

Performing Arts

McLeod, Zac, New Plymouth Little Theatre Trophy Best Stage Performance; O’Donnell-Martin, Baylee, Liz Murray Cup Contribution to Drama; Peebles, Sunny, Waitere Family Cup Most Improved Senior Drama Student;


Bennett, Montana, Kyle Gilmour Memorial Award Public Speaking; Kyffin, Georgia, Senior Speech;

Subjects / Music / Service

Anderson, Michael, PTA Prize Head Boy & BOT Award, The RSA – Dr George Thompson Award; Baker, Tawera, YMCA Excellence in Youth Leadership Award; Bennett, Montana, PTA Prize Head Girl & BOT Award; Brown, Caitlin, Howard Music Trophy, Senior Bandboosters Award; Carass, Casey, Helen J Bacon Award Excellence Geography & History; Gilmour, Kurtis, Prefects Award; Johns, Liam, The Duynhoven Award in practical Technology with Graphics & Design; Johnson, Fabian, BOT Student Representative; McCallum-Lind, Jacques, Joy Rookes Trophy for Original Composition; McLeod, Zac, BOT Award for Service Deputy Head Boy, The Bruce Walker Trophy for Endeavour & Leadership; Milne, Brooke, The Joe Greenwood Memorial Prize for School Service; O’Donnell-Martin, Baylee, BOT Award for Service Deputy Head Girl, The Emily Cannell Memorial Cup; Poole, Lael, Marjan van Paassen Memorial Award for Enthusiasm about Learning; Raumati, Sam, The Paul Emo Memorial Award; Reyes, Reus, BOT Award for Service Deputy Head Boy; Wangsuwan, Anya, Harry M Bacon Memorial Award Best Allround Promise in the Arts; Whiteley, Andrew, Melissa Long Memorial Trophy;

Proxime Accessit

Reyes, Reus, Proxime Accessit & Cup 2016;

Dux 2016

Wangsuwan, Anya, A L McPhail Dux Cup Medal & Scholarship 2016 & Argyle Schoolwear Scholarship Prize;

Prestige Sports Awards

Osama, Amirah, Trina Cowley Trophy – Sporting Excellence;

Zittersteijn, Aidan, The Hale Sportsperson of the Year Trophy;

Vincent, Ryan, Zittersteijn, Aidan, Boys’ Indoor Bowls Pairs Team – The Nick Banks Trophy – Top College Sports Award;


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