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PPTA Strike Action Wednesday 29 May

The PPTA has advised the Spotswood College Board of Trustees that teachers at our school will be taking strike action for one day on 29th May 2019.

The Board has carefully considered the availability of teaching staff and has unfortunately decided that we can’t provide the normal teaching services during the strike so the school will officially be closed for instruction on Wednesday 29th.

We appreciate that this will have a significant impact on you (and at short notice) so what the school is able to do is provide supervision in a safe environment for a small number of our students, if required.  

If you need to have your child at school next Wednesday please contact the office or send a note to indicate if your child/children will need this as soon as possible.  Thank you.

We know that this strike action is inconvenient for parents and students alike, but please be assured that in assessing what the school is able to offer on that day we have student safety at the forefront of our planning.

Thank you for your understanding.  Please contact the School, in the first instance, if you have any queries relating to this decision.

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